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I speak in hypotheticals daily btw, my only proof bout ufc is practically hearsay on the internet but i mean i do know i was a fan of george st. pierre then basically deleted all recordings when i seen more of them with performance enhancers. Also that liddle dude from jersey has best hands in it no doubt but i feel overall. So what i mean is yea they have surpassed a physical plateu many of you all are working on, however, many did so illegitmately cus the Samoan guy says so. It is a shame for them to have the best facilities in the world to train and interact with then do dumb stuff. i do still believe in it as an outlet i suppose but the ufc is hard to take seriously as a legit organization when they cant even reclench or clench their fists before impact, even old head bruce lee taught that to kinda snap with it, learns u to end right back up in a defensive stance anyway. The amount of groin kicks and eyepokes by "the best of the best". It simply seems audacious to call them that because i have seen more self control from you guys fightinf in more extreme environments so yea like i said, i am sold.


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