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also my bad for making a training video where i spoke in sorta a russian and a khajiit voice but i was trying to forget bout potential world war 3 by thinking about the elder scrolls lol. I love gaming. I been radio silent thougg cus i am learning google IT and had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Yo i fr fr had to doctor it myself to make sure it was stable enough. Long story but i wound up dousing it with tincture and scrubbing it with distillate and oragel after flicking out the core of the bottom right with my tongue and knockin it to the back of my throat to swallow and digest lmao. Butta yea that was the one i left a glob of pizza and beer in without realizing when i was 280, just weighed 177. Btw, i got all my gear now, even hand wraps (not sure if necessary) from a reflex ball set lol. This means i can essentially run to the Jersey club when i am not feeling morbidly depressed but feeling totally up to the task. If i lose too much to wanna continue, i will probly at least end up becoming an actual fan that studies more and might even try other leagues. Also i figure i can probly learn bout anime and cosplay too which alotta my fam is into but me not as much yet.


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