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I had a decent video that mixes ol timey boxing hand movements with more of an mma/modern boxing stance but my internet is terrible. Also, my sincere apologies if I rambled and came across as trolly cus I know I'm just practicing and you are all fighting for real but ima huge fan of combat sports or any ball sport that combines aspects of that. Something sad is that ufc is very rigged imho though. That's not to say other leagues aren't legit however. I def see a real fight every time I watch streetbeefs which is awesome and I wanna try a event before I'm 30, which is less than a year away. A real fight but ya know not a beef match cus the fuck if I have beef with a single soul. Some think they got beef with me maybe though lmao. I might got guerilla palmed on a bunch occasions and I still don't got beef, so if anyone actually hates me I feel as if it is for illogical reasoning. 🐯😅.

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