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Gonna post leftover of 🫁 and ❤️ capacity. I am a recovering alcoholic mind you so this was after a c4 and plenty of apple cider vinegar, some light exercise through the day, and approximately 20min of somewhat intense shadowboxing...all while role-playing as khajiit from elder scrolls online this one is decent you see? Btw, got distracted by leaf blowing on porch for moment. I may wish to join this exclusive club and then perhaps aid Ukraine 🇺🇦. Maybe do both at same time! Such as how I switch from southpaw to orthodox and vice versa. Good looks everyone. Good looks forreal forreal. You see I cling to life with these. The mantis is also apparent in style but must keep clenched fist. 14th year of playing with shadow on and off and off and on.

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