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Scrap hard at the Scrapyard


About us

Welcome to the Scrapyard! We are a LEGAL backyard Fight organization Located in Gig Harbor Washingron State. We Are a Branch of the largest backyard fight organization in the country, STREETBEEFS. The Scrapyard was created in 2020 by Steve Hagara "Firechicken", a former Semi-pro MMA fighter, Wrestling coach, and Boxer. The main branch of STREETBEEFS was created in 2008 by Chris Wilmore aka Scarface. Streetbeefs as a concept was created in order to stop street violence with it's "Guns down, Gloves up" movement. The Scrapyard holds monthly fights in our Pacific northwest location. No money is involved in any way, we do not pay fighters or charge any sort of admission to our events. We aim to give people a place to start their combat sports journey, meet people, solve beefs, or just test out their abilities. We do all our match making and signups on facebook here - or by Email

StreetBeefs Scrapyard: About
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