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just some silly shadowboxing and me explaining how i am tryin not to be so shook but man i been shook for no good reason oft times. i did bout 2 more variations of these sets prior that were a bit crisper but i get nervous on camera or at least while filming myself cus i wanna make it look guuuudest. 🥴😶‍🌫️👊🤛🤜✊️. gonna focus erratic rhythms/feints, strong guard, pushes, blocks, push kicks, counters and if i get took down im gonna let my wrestling speak for itself - however shitty or litty it may be. good looks to all and bless the american people. i am agnostic btw lmfao fr tho it fits me purf. i dunno what i dunno. i do know, however, that constructive activities such as these help me to proactively conquer the crux of my disability which imho is alcoholism and alcohol related psychosis. i also cry and hoot and holler alot less lmfao. btw, uncropped will be on my lonely youtube channel cus there is a gnarly wisdom tooth story thrown tf in at the end.


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